SolarTester Services

The name SolarTester says it all; we offer a wide range of PV quality checks that enable us to provide you with independent advice regarding the quality of your equipment and/or connections. The investments for solar power systems are expensive and long term. It is therefore a good idea to get certainty about the quality, operation, and efficiency of your solar panels. We gladly offer our expertise to help our customers get that certainty. The range of services offered by SolarTester is broad and takes care of everything from choosing the right solar panels to their installation.

Take advantage of our expertise and leave your quality inspection to us!

The SolarTester Quality Test

You can’t tell anything from the way they look! That’s why we perform a quality test on solar panels. Many defects that can impact a solar panel’s lifespan and determine the quality of your solar power system are not visible to the naked eye. Our operators assess the test results based on the projected performance in the long(er) term, not just looking at what the panel’s performance is when it’s installed. This on-site quality test will also provide you with a baseline after the transport cycle and before installation. This can make a big difference if the panel is damaged during installation or a storm.

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Independent advice in the case of damage

The PV market is growing exponentially, which is putting a lot of pressure on installation technicians and suppliers. This has increased the risk of damage occurring during transport and installation. On top of that, we’re seeing more and more extreme weather conditions that can result in damage to the solar power system. In cases of damage it can be important to get an independent damage report to substantiate claims. Our quality tests make us the right party to draw up this report for you. For that reason the district court of Amsterdam engaged us as an independent expert in 2018 in a case related to storm damage (go to ‘news’ to learn more about this court case).

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Pre-shipment inspection

Thanks to our network of partners, we can even perform quality checks before and during the manufacturing of your panels. Have you ever considered having the materials that will be processed into your panels checked? By taking a look at the bill of materials, we can check if the ‘ingredients’ of your panels meet quality standards.

The next step is an inspection during the production process. This literally means an inspection at the machines, 24 hours per day if necessary. One of the advantages of quality control during the pre-shipment stage is that we can reject flawed panels before they’re loaded onto the ship. Another option is for us is to use our own software to check large numbers of factory EL images for damage. This allows us to determine if the quality meets our standards before the panels are shipped.

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Advice during the solar panel acquisition process

SolarTester has a global network of parties specialised in quality inspections. At production locations, in ports after transport by see, up to the final destination of the solar power project. Thanks to these partnerships, we can guide the purchasing process of your materials on a consultancy basis and ensure quality checks to guarantee the quality and efficiency after installation.

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